wtorek, 26 września 2017

News at last...

Hello guys.

Sorry for a VERY LONG time of silence.

And not the best news on my side to be honest.

Am I working on the 'Civilization' nowadays?
Been working on it mostly in July - managed some progress. Then I had a rather sad period of time because of some private issues and my determination got much weaker... Luckily, I was in the middle of remastering 'Poke Her' mini game for 'Civilization' and decided that I will use that tense moments to try some side project...

Yeah, I know some of you might be tired of my side projects x.x

Well, Anyway: I came up with an idea of a game named 'Poke Her - The pornstars collection game'

Basically it would be a very light and mostly funny 'story' of a guy, who is hired to obtain all the Rare Collectible Cards with Pornstars images on them. The tricky part is that none of the guys who own the rare ones is eager to even play the 'Poke Her' game with their favorite card at stake. They could however make an exception if their opponent was the pornstar herself...
With that in mind our hero is given a device, which will change his appearance into the required girls...

The idea would be to travel around the town/world and duel other players. Winning equals taking their card, while losing... well... The guys would have the chance to meet their favorite stars much closer...

Of course all the stories and sexual acts would be orginally written by me.

The game would offer quite a few bad ends (for example: getting pregnant while in a girl's form would immediately break the device, living the hero in one of the amazing female bodies forever) and one obvious true end.

I admit that I made quite a number of preparations to this project, and what is best it could be a COMPLETE game from the start (with infinite possibility to extend it later on - by just adding more and more girls). But tonight, when I started actually putting all the projects into the game engine I read the copyright info once again and I must admit that I am puzzled.
Sure - it is going to be a non-profit project, but anyway, I am not sure if making the game completely based on real pornstars, including their names (even with the obvious statement of promoting them rather than harming their good names) could be considered a 'Fair use' of the images.

Because of that I am putting the project on hold and I would greatly appreciate any VALID info on the topic. Also I encourage you to share your opinion about the idea.

Lastly: I STILL keep Civilization as my top priority, but as I can't give any promises about dates or prospects: my Patreon is left open just for these of you, who just wish to support me with whatever ideas I decide to work on. I can only honestly admit that I always spend much of my free time thinking out and trying to create games for all of you.

Stay tuned and thank you for following.

czwartek, 1 czerwca 2017

A long time no see...

Hello guys.

Straight to the point with the bad stuff, and then I will move to a moe optimistic part:
I had some health issues first (still having some minor ones, nothing serious though... hopefully...), followed by some private stuff which led to me sharing a flat more often than not... Clearly not the ideal working conditions for creating adult content... Therefore little to none progress was made on my side since my last post... I am terribly sorry for that...

On the bright side:
Although, I still don't have the perfectly free schedule I have mostly got used to the way it is. Adding to this that June, July and August are usually BY FAR the slowest months in my regular job, I am pretty much ready to get back to work!

As for the direction. I know few people are waiting for the third day of 'The survivor', but I am quite sure that I will be heading straight back to Meretrix and her Universe. Hopefully this time I will be able to come up with at least a good playable demo (at least few hours of gameplay) at the end of the Summer.

For 'The survivor' fans: I always considered it a side project, I am not entirely giving up on it, but after 2 months of creative break it seems only right to get back to the main project. I might pick the Zombie universe back when I need a break from TEW again in the future, or I have too little time to handle the most serious of my projects. Again: SORRY, and I hope you can enjoy Meretrix story no less, when it's out.

Thank you all for following, despite my struggles at times. Stay tuned for mor news. Hopefully the summer will be a great time for HAZZE PICTURES and The Endless World ;)

czwartek, 23 marca 2017

0.2.0 ready for download!

Hello guys!

After just a few days I have the second demo of 'The survivor' - my side project ready.

It fully covers the second day of the story, gets more branched and hopefully will meet your taste.

I must say that this quick work resulting in update is what I was always saying: This project is just about writing and I can do that even having 15 spare minutes per day. Unfortunately working in RPG Maker requires at least two hours per day to be worth the fuss. For the time being - in a longer run - I don't have such time. But I believe it will change eventually and I will be back to the main project sooner rather than later ;) For now I hope to make your waiting worth it with 'The survivor'.


And stay tuned for more ;)

niedziela, 19 marca 2017

The survivor 0.1.0 is up!

Hello guys ;;)

Well, I've decided to change my strategy with The survivor. That means, that there will be a demo rel;ease whenever one day of the story is completed. With that said in the links on your right you can grab the first demo of my side project. I hope you will enjoy ;)

Be sure to leave a comment if you have an opinion to share! ;)

piątek, 17 marca 2017

The survivor - Some more details.

Hello all again :)

I've summerized some of the things about the side project and decided to share these with you:
* The project will be out for you when the first act of the story is ready. Prologue and the first act basically cover time from Wednesday of a certain week to the Sunday morning of the same week.
* There are 20 sex themed scenes planned for this part of the game, 4 of these are already written and implemented. ALL the scenes are possible to be avoided so if someone wishes to make a virgin run through the first act - it is possible.
* Currently I am in the second to last event of Wednesday, meaning that in a day or two I should have the first day of the story completed. Currently the word counter says the project is at 21,5k words. I would call it a decent progress, taking that I again had to spend some time at the doc's.
* First act has more or less three endings possible, where two will mean game over, but the conditions to make it through will be set so clearly that getting to a game over shouldn't surprise anyone if it happens.

If anyone wishes to share an opinion about the upcomming project or ask a question, please take a moment to leave a comment. I will try to respond these in the next update ;)

Other than that: Keep tuned guys ;)

czwartek, 9 marca 2017

Some health issues, but working on smaller things.

Hello guys.

It's been a while since my last post.

Not many good news probably. Last few weeks - other than working - I spent running around some clinics, making some examinations. Some health care stuff. It seems that I will still need to do some more running to the doctors in the following weeks/months, but hopefully it won't be too tense :P

But there is also a better news:

With not enough time to give to Meretrix, I got back to my notes of my side project. It's no longer only about the notes, but I put it into a real project. Currently I have it at 12k words :P

Some specification:
I am using TWINE.
It is story based project, which will focus on player's choices which will affect the later plot. It's probably safe to say that it is going to be a Choose Your Own Advanture project.
It will NOT include any custom made graphics, but it will have real world pictures for the setting and porn pics/gifs for the sexual themed events.
Story: Post apocalyptic world in a not too far future. Inspired mainly by The Walking Dead Universe, although with less focus on the zombies themselves and more on the human interaction aspect.

Keep in mind that I am planning focusing on this side project only until I have enough time to get back to TEW, which IS a priority for me.

With all that said: Keep in touch guys and stay tuned for more news :)

czwartek, 19 stycznia 2017

Art is a troublesome thing...

Hello guys.

Hope you're all well and healthy in the new 2017 year.

As I've mentioned before Christmas - I am finally able to spend some actual time on The Endless World. However, that is probably the optimistic part of the news...

A bit worse part of it is that (lacking any help with graphics) I decided to give myself a chance to become my own CG artist. After all I am not THAT bad with a pencil and a piece of paper... Remembering that I was actually able to gather some money on Patreon, I decided to buy myself a simple graphic tablet - with the game being the only real purpose for the purchase. Now, I DO have the tool at home, and I have actually spend a few hours of my free time trying to learn the ropes...

Here is a sample of what I've made during the practises :P (obviously that's not all, but...)

The real problem is however with feeling the tablet... Drawing with it is on a totally different level than with the regular pencil... And I think I might strugle to come up with some decent arts. Don't get me wrong - I am NOT giving up the idea of trying more and more to improve my skills, but I will probably try to spend more time on adding the events and progressing with the game than failing yet again to give proper shapes to the haircut of the main heroine :x

Keep in mind, that this entry is not meant to be sad and I am far from calling my experience with the tablet a failure. I am atually feeling energetic about my attampts. It's just that I was hoping to find a solution for the artistic part of the project but for the time being I am still left riddled with the task. I thought it would only be fair to update all of you about the project.

Anyway: I am most likely going back to RPG Maker in the following days!

Keep tuned! ;)